Testimonial: Gaffney Events

August 11, 2014 Email
Hello Alan,
Thank you again for your outstanding work & the assistance that you give Kate & I.

We truly appreciate your work, along with Z and Evan and we GREATLY appreciate you keeping our clientís budget in mind when working on these projects and in your invoicing! That is HUGE for us!!!

We will be back in touch soon with the next project(s). I hope you are having a fabulous Summer!! Thanks, again! We are grateful to have found a vendor such as yourself & are looking forward to our continued positive business relationship!!!

Tricia Gaffney – President, Gaffney Events
DallasCVI.com | CICTsymposium.com

October 1, 2014 Email
Hello Alan,

Thank you for your wonderful email! I greatly appreciate all you & Z do and I cannot express to you how thankful Kate & I are about your willingness to assist the way you doÖ& your incredible knowledge when it comes to the Internet, websites, etc., making your services invaluable to my organization!! The fact that you can customize our current website(s) so Kate can make more changes on the fly is absolutely phenomenal!Ö.& again, much appreciated!!

I will be in NYC the week of November 17th at the VEITH Meeting at the Hilton. I am wondering if you would be around, if we could plan to meet for an hour or so in person to further discuss your options and suggestions [in your recent email].

Thanks again to you both!! You have been true lifesavers & we look forward to more exciting options and working with you in the near future.


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