Testimonial: Neil C. Goodman

Dear Visitor:

The team at Redartichoke created an Internet Enterprise that has enabled us (Gardens Laser Spa) to market to a large number of patients who desire cosmetic services, and also to serve an increasingly large number of physicians who are interested in integrating Medical Cosmetics into their existing private practices.

Through the Website, Search Engine Marketing, Instructional DVD and other Media, RedArtichoke has successfully created a dual business operation, devoted to both patient care and medical education.

I have worked with Alan Probst and his unique team for the past six years, and I highly recommend him because of his expertise, attention to details, and innovative approach to simple or complex web development problems. He has a growing knowledge of the medical cosmetic industry and has learned how to incorporate the latest technology tools to further the development of a medical cosmetic practice. I highly recommend him for any computer service, development or marketing project in this field.

If you need further information on my recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Neil C. Goodman, MD, PHD –

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