Building a Website

Domain Name Approx. $15/yr
Hosting Costs $100/yr. – $10,000/yr.
From a Shared Server to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to a Dedicated Server & options in-between

SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
Site appears as:

$100/yr. – $1,500/yr.
The FIRST and important layer of establishing SECURITY for your site plus:
Today, an SSL is Mandatory to be SEARCHABLE via Google

Additional Security Obtain the highest level of SECURITY your enterprise can afford
Website Maintenance $200/yr. – $1,250/yr
(Mp4, YouTube, Vimeo, Embedded, etc)
Costs can range from Free to Studio Quality to Full Feature Development
# of Pages Difficult to itemize cost just based on # of pages, but more usually equates to more
Copy-writing of Content $1,000 – $10,000.
Depends on who is writing the content: The developers or the client- 
SEO W/Placement Guarantee Pricing for small businesses can be between $500/mo. – $2,500/mo. but a detailed discussion on methods, goals, budget, timelines, needs to happen early in the development life-cycle. Pricing could be by the hour, by the month, by the results, etc.
SEO is the invisible, behind-the-scenes creative determinant & catalyst of success or failure of an online venture 
SEO Maintenance $750/mo. – $2,000/mo. (All these numbers are on based on an average and contingent on negotiable variables)
PPC (Pay Per Click) – Google AdWords Campaigns The average cost per click in Google Ads is between $1 and $2 on the search feature.
Small to Mid-Sized Companies approximately $10,000/mo.
Social Media Marketing $900/mo. – $2,100/mo.
Email Marketing $9/mo. – $1,000/mo.
Depending on amount of emails (lists), frequency, graphic/responsive, manual distribution or 3rd party (constant contact, mail chimp, etc.) and other factors
Responsive Design (Site will function on ALL Devices)

$3,000. – $25,000 
Websites today MUST be Responsive since majority of purchasing, entertainment, researching, communication will be funneled via our mobile devices

Database Integration For eCommerce, back-end admin control, user-driven content and ALL interactivity a Database behind a Website is mandatory
eCommerce functionality The good news is that to build a eCommerce platform it is the same for 10 products or 10,000 products (in a manner of speaking) Cost is depending on many factors: TRAFFIC, supply chain, overseas, third party supporters,updates, upgrades, sales, etc. etc. etc.
$10,000 – $500,000 but don’t panic – wait till summary below
CMS (Content Management System) YOU the owner/client can control, modify, edit, delete, create content on the Website $2,000 – $25,000
Custom CMS, WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, Hubspot, etc. – There are many platforms to choose from
Summary To build a professional, elegant, small business Website with many of the features listed above that you can be proud of, contact us and have an in-person or Zoom Meeting to make all of the complicated, hard to quantify features understandable and possible

On the Average a Professional, eCommerce enabled, Responsive (works on ALL devices), Google Friendly (People will FIND You), Small Business Website that is Optimally SECURE where YOU can control what you want to control (and BTW, will look and BE very Cool) can cost between $9,500 – $14,000 and possibly more
…or LESS!

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